Fee Schedule

In-Person Consultation and Acupuncture/Cupping Treatment, $108

Telehealth Consultation, $108

Raw Herbs, $15-25/bag (typically 3 bags/week)

Granule Herbs, $56-84 for 2 weeks' worth (about $4-6 per day)

Astrology & Astrocartography, $150

Proceeds go towards making treatments and herbs available to those in need

Dr. Lee is committed to making her medicine available to all those who need it.

Please contact our office if finances are preventing you from receiving treatment.

Payment & Invoices

An invoice can be provided for acupuncture treatments if your insurance provider accepts them and can reimburse you directly. Dr. Lee's style of treatment, with emphasis on internal medicine and herbal medicine, is different from the insurance style of treatment. Check with us regarding any questions.

All major credit cards and HSA/FSA cards are accepted. We also accept electronic payment via Venmo, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.